London Permit Scheme for road works and street works

Each of the authorities to which this Permit Scheme relates has a duty to manage their road network with a view to achieving, so far as may be reasonably practicable having regard to their other obligations, policies and objectives, the following overriding objectives:

  • securing the expeditious movement of traffic on the authority's road network
  • facilitating the expeditious movement of traffic on road networks for which another authority is the traffic authority.

This Permit Scheme seeks to enable more effective co-ordination applying the following guiding principles:

  • to ensure safety
  • to minimise inconvenience to people using a street, including a specific reference to people with a disability
  • to protect the structure of the street and the integrity of apparatus in it.

The Permit Scheme was brought into force in Lambeth by the London Borough of Lambeth Permit Scheme Order 2015.