Apply for the Active Lambeth Fund

The aim of the Active Lambeth Fund is to support community clubs and organisations deliver sport and physical activity in the Borough. 

This funding opportunity will support existing projects and programmes or create new opportunities for people that have previously been excluded. The fund is available to community organisations to help them contribute to the Active Lambeth Strategy 2022-27.

The strategy looks at how Lambeth and its many community clubs and organisations can use sport and physical activity for the benefit of public health, education, inclusion, transport, employment, community cohesion and safety. It seeks to embed the benefits of physical activity and sport into the everyday lives of Lambeth residents.

The Active Lambeth Fund will offer two different funding programmes.

Community Grants

Applications will be accepted from groups/clubs/organisations in the voluntary sector, not-for- profit groups and those with charitable status. Awards will be provided up to the value of £2,500 per application. All applications need to be from organisations that operate with a formal constitution and organisational bank account.

Core Eligible Costs include:

  • Staffing to run activities.
  • Coaches, etc. – up to £30.00 per hour.
  • Exceptionally – DBS Checks, Public Liability Insurance.
  • Resources and materials – items only to be used on this specific funded activity.
  • Hire of facilities.
  • Transport – to get young people and coaches to activities, specific events, festivals and     competition/tournaments (e.g. one-off minibus hire fees and/or fuel costs).
  • Training/coaching courses – predominately coaching courses delivered by Sports Coach UK and/or NGB’s at level 1 or 2 standard.
  • Equipment – that will be used for the purpose of the funded activity and PPE – such as hand sanitiser, gloves and masks.
  • refurbishments and routine repairs and maintenance.

Ineligible costs include:

  • Retrospective activities.
  • Overheads – storage of equipment; insurance; asset register maintenance.
  • Purchase of vehicles.
  • Buildings
  • Items demonstrating poor value for money.
  • Activities that are not sufficiently targeted or are ineligible for grant-funding.
  • Activities that are imposed on people, i.e. there is no consultation.
  • Feasibility studies for building projects or consultancy costs.
  • Loans or interest payments.
  • Projects that cannot be completed within 12 months.
  • Day-to-day running costs – for example, utility bills, council tax, rent and insurance.
  • Any costs you incur when putting together your application.

Active Lambeth Fund - Community Grants

Themed Grants

To help implement the Active Lambeth Strategy there will also be a ‘Themed’ Funding Stream. The themes will change at each funding round. For Round One the themes will be.

  • New sport and activity opportunities for Women and Girls
  • New health related fitness activities for older Lambeth residents

Applications will be accepted from groups/clubs/organisations in the voluntary sector, not-for- profit groups, those with charitable status or commercial companies contracted to deliver specific outcomes. Awards will be provided in the range £5,000 - £30,000. A maximum of 2 or 3  ‘themed’ awards will be made at each funding round and applicants will need to demonstrate that interventions will achieve a lasting impact, a legacy of sustainability and be prepared to provide regular impact reports. Given that the number of ‘Themed’ grants will be limited It is advisable to discuss your proposal with a member of the Sports Team prior to making a submission. You can contact the team by email on

Active Lambeth Fund - Themed Grants

Lambeth will be inviting application for two funding rounds in 2022/23.

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