You can apply for building regulations approval online, by email or by post.

Building work you're planning at home or at work will need to comply with the standards set in the building regulations. You can find out more about the building regulations and making an application in our building regulations guide.

Do it online

Apply online via our partners or download an application form to submit via email or post.

Costs for this service

There is a fee for both building notice and full plans applications. The fee for your application will depend upon the type of development and its scale. Please refer to our list of building regulations fees for details of some common domestic works:

For works other than common domestic projects we recommend you email us at with a clear description of all the works you intend to undertake and their location, or call us on 020 7926 1288, for advice on the appropriate fee.

If you know the fee for your application from our list of building regulations fees or if you have contacted us for advice on the fee then please submit the fee with your application.

If you do not know the correct fee then you may submit your application without a fee and we will contact you so that you can make payment - please be aware that this will delay the processing of your application until payment is received.

You can pay your application fee by cheque, credit or debit card, or cash.

Payment by cheque
Cheques should be made payable to 'London Borough of Lambeth' and be sent to Building Control, 1st Floor, Phoenix House, 10 Wandsworth Road, London, SW2 8LL. Please write the address of the application property and, if you have it, the application reference number on the back of the cheque. This will help us process your payment quickly and efficiently.

Payment by credit or debit card
You can pay by credit or debit card over the phone. Usually we will contact you for outstanding payments once we have received and logged your application, however, in the event that this has not happened and you have received an application reference number, then you can call us by phone on 020 7926 1278 or 0207926 1280 with your debit and credit card details.

Payment in cash
To pay cash you should come to our office at Phoenix House, 10 Wandsworth Road, London, SW2 8LL between the hours of 10am and 4pm and tell the reception staff that you wish to pay a building control fee.

There are no fees for building works for specific disabled needs, for example, ramp access or a disabled toilet.

What you need to know...

Please read the notes on the application form and follow the guidance.

You can submit an online application using the link near the top of this page. If you wish to submit your application by post or email, including your completed form, drawings, and any other required documents to:

Building Control,
1st Floor, Phoenix House,
10 Wandsworth Road,
London SW2 8LL

Next Steps

Within three working days of receiving your building notice or full plans application we will send you a letter to confirm whether we can process it. You can then arrange the first inspection with our surveyor. You must do this at least two days before the work is due to begin.

Whatever type of application you make we will inspect the work in stages while it is being carried out.

When the work is finished our surveyor will:

  • carry out a final inspection
  • check that the work complies with building regulations
  • make sure that all the paperwork is complete
  • check that all fees have been paid

Once all this is done our surveyor will be able to give building regulations approval.