Our Building Control team offer a written pre-application advice service to help ensure your planned development will gain building regulations approval.

This page provides a summary of our building regulations pre-application advice offer. If you would like to see more detail you can see it in our printable pre-application advice guide.

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1. Why get pre-application advice?

The building regulations are complex and change regularly. Pre-application discussions allow us to advise you earlier in the development cycle on whether you are likely to meet the regulations.

Late design changes can be costly to a development. Our early professional and coordinated input can help to provide you with confidence that your proposal is sound or, where necessary, advise you of what should be changed, whilst your scheme is still in development.

Pre-application advice will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Understanding of how the building regulations requirements will be applied to your proposal, including: definition of what is in and out of scope of the building regulations, technical performance expectations, means of escape, disabled access, access for firefighting, local constraints, energy and water efficiency requirements, and acceptability of materials.
  • Expert advice will be given on any changes in legislation and how to comply with newly introduced requirements.
  • Input from Lambeth colleagues outside of our Building Control service, including planning and transport teams where considered appropriate.
  • Advice on the preparation of proposals for formal submission, which, as a result should be handled more quickly and be more likely to result in a positive outcome.
  • Early input of our advice may help to reduce the overall time and cost that you or your professional advisors spend in gaining building regulations approval.
  • Early indication of any aspects of your proposals that are unlikely to be acceptable can prevent the need for revisions and / or resubmissions of your formal application for building regulations approval.
  • Your pre-application advice is effectively free if you go on to submit your formal application to us, as we will deduct the pre-application fee from the fee for the formal application.

2. The pre-application advice process

Within 10 working days of receiving your pre-application advice request, we will contact you by phone or in writing to confirm that the formal pre-application advice route is appropriate for your development, and if not, what alternative processes are available to you.

If the pre-application process is appropriate, we will also advise you if we would like further information to aid our assessment, and if so, what that is.

A Building Control surveyor will also be assigned to handle your request. The surveyor will usually be your primary point of contact for the rest of the pre-application process and during the formal application too.

We would normally expect to provide you with our written advice on your proposal within 20 working days from the receipt of your pre-application request.

3. Fees for building regulation pre-application advice

There is a charge for our written pre-application advice but, should you go on to submit your formal application to us, we will deduct the cost of this advice from your application fee. In this way, applicants who have sought advice and continue to use the service for their formal application will benefit from the initial advice service at no extra cost to their overall project.

Different sized developments require differing levels of officer input and so we have split our pricing into four different fee categories, dependent on the estimated cost of the works.

Type classification Estimated cost of total work Fee
Other Sites in excess of £250,001 Telephone for details
Large £50,001 to £250,000 £956
Medium £10,001 to £50,000 £560
Small Up to £10,000 £385

To discuss the pre-application fees for ‘Other’ developments, where the estimated value of the works exceeds £250,001, please contact us on 020 7926 1150 or send an email to buildingcontrol@lambeth.gov.uk, requesting a fee quote and describing your proposed works and their location.

You can pay your application fee by cheque, credit or debit card, or cash.

Payment by cheque
Cheques should be made payable to 'London Borough of Lambeth' and be sent to Building Control, London Borough of Lambeth, PO Box 734, Winchester, SO23 5DG. Please write the address of the property and, if you have it, the pre-application reference number on the back of the cheque. This will help us process it quickly and efficiently.

Payment by credit or debit card
You can pay by credit or debit card over the phone. Usually we will contact you for outstanding payments once we have received and logged your application, however, in the event that this has not happened and you have received an application reference number, then you can call us by phone on 020 7926 1150 with your debit and credit card details.

Payment in cash
We are temporarily unable to accept cash payments, while we move into our new office in Brixton. Once this service has been restored details will be posted here.

4. Make a request for building regulation pre-application advice

To request pre-application advice please read the following guide and complete the form at the end of the guide. The form also includes a checklist of information to submit along with your pre-application advice request:

Lambeth Council is subject to the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations and may be receive requests to provide information supplied as a part of a pre-application advice submission. Our commercially sensitive material checklist gives you the opportunity to list those parts of your submission which you consider are confidential and commercially sensitive.

Please submit your pre-application advice request form, plans and checklist to the email or postal address below. Fee payments can be made in the ways described in the in ‘Fees for building regulation pre-application advice’ section of this guide.

Email: buildingcontrol@lambeth.gov.uk
Postal address:

Building Control
London Borough of Lambeth
PO Box 734
SO23 5DG

If you would like to discuss making a pre-application advice request before submitting an application then please contact us on 020 7926 1288 or send an email to buildingcontrol@lambeth.gov.uk, describing your proposed works and their location.