If works have taken place without the correct permissions from the council, you can use the form on this page to report it to Planning Enforcement for investigation.

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What you need to know...

Special Note: Please be aware that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, planning enforcement officers are restricted in their abilities to undertake investigative work associated with alleged breaches of planning control – especially where site visits are normally required. This is especially the case where it may be necessary to access the inside, or assess the use of a premises, take measurements etc. In light of this and for the foreseeable future it would be greatly appreciated if when referring matters to us you could provide as much detail as possible about the alleged breach of planning control – and cooperate where possible with requests for further information. This should include, wherever possible, photographs, physical descriptions of works including approximate dimensions and materials etc. It remains our priority to investigate all alleged breaches of planning control that are referred to us and we will endeavour to ensure that service disruption arising from Covid-19 is minimised. However, your time, patience and understanding is much appreciated at this time.

What is considered a breach of planning control?

A breach of planning control may involve:

  • Building works affecting the external appearance of a building.
  • Internal and external works to a listed building.
  • Material changes of use.
  • Non-compliance with conditions attached to a planning permission.
  • The erection of advertisements.
  • The felling of protected trees.

What is not a breach of planning control?

Certain works or changes of use may not require planning permission. Where permission is not required from the local planning authority, or where planning legislation permits the works, the council will not be able to take enforcement action.

Planning Enforcement does not investigate:

  • Neighbour disputes.
  • Land boundaries or ownership disputes.
  • Works to party walls.
  • Smells, noise and pollution.
  • Fly-tipping.
  • Use or development on highways or pavements.
  • Dangerous structures.

Your personal information when reporting a breach of planning control

When you report a breach of planning control to us we will record the information within our case management system. The information stored will include your name, address, and contact information, the site address of the alleged breach, and the details of the breach as reported.

We will treat your personal information confidentially and it will not be passed to people or organisations outside of the council, unless we are legally required to do this. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Find out more about the information we collect and your rights by reading our privacy notice.

Next Steps

If it is decided that the planning rules have been broken, Planning Enforcement will investigate the matter – for more information on this please view our planning enforcement guide.