The Lambeth Local Plan 2015 was adopted on 23 September 2015.

We expect lots of growth in Lambeth over the next 15 years and the updated Local Plan will guide development. It sets out how we can improve the quality of the local environment, as well as the quality of people's lives.

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1. Lambeth Local Plan 2015

The Lambeth Local Plan 2015 is a concise, all-in-one plan setting out the vision, strategic objectives and policies for development in Lambeth over 15 years. The Plan covers housing, jobs, town centres, infrastructure (such as health facilities and schools), transport, environment, historic buildings and the quality of the built environment. Together with the Mayor’s London Plan it forms the statutory development plan for the borough.

The Local Plan replaces the previous plans for the borough, which were the Core Strategy 2011 and Saved UDP policies. These plans can be seen on our archive page.

The Local Plan was examined by an independent planning inspector. The examination concluded on 11 August 2015 when the Inspector issued her final Inspector’s Report and modifications. The Inspector found the Lambeth Local Plan to be sound and legally compliant, subject to incorporating the main modifications set out in her report. The council made all main modifications to the Local Plan as recommended by the Inspector, as well as all additional modifications, and the Plan was adopted on 23 September 2015.

The policies of the Local Plan were drawn up in the light of an extensive evidence base of research and studies. These can be found on the evidence base page.

2. Local Plan Policies Map

The Policies Map 2015

3. Local Plan Review

Our existing Local Plan, adopted in 2015, contains a strong vision for the development of the borough to improve opportunities for local people. It sets the planning policies for the borough and much of it is still up to date and effective. However, changes to national planning law and policy, a full review of the London Plan and changes in Lambeth mean parts of our Local Plan need to be reviewed. We also need to ensure we meet our Borough Plan priorities of inclusive growth, reduced inequality and strong and sustainable communities.

Our updated Lambeth Local Plan, together with the Mayor of London’s London Plan and neighbourhood plans, will set out the vision and robust planning policies needed to direct and guide development in the borough over the next 15 years to meet our future needs.

There is a legal process for the partial review of the Local Plan which includes examination by an independent planning inspector against nationally-set tests of soundness. If the inspector is satisfied with the updated Plan, the council can adopt it. The timetable for the Local Plan Review can be found in the Local Development Scheme October 2019.

Issues Consultation 2017

An initial round of public consultation on issues for the partial review of the Local Plan took place from 9 October to 4 December 2017.

We have produced an Issues consultation report and appendices which summarise all of the responses received. We have also produced feedback summary sheets that set out how these responses were taken into account in formulating policies in the Draft Revised Lambeth Local Plan.

Draft Revised Lambeth Local Plan October 2018

Consultation on the Draft Revised Lambeth Local Plan and Proposed Changes to the Policies Map took place between 22 October and 17 December 2018.

Evidence base

The Local Plan Review is supported by a number of evidence base documents which are all available to view. These documents will be updated at each stage of the process and the final set of evidence base documents will undergo examination alongside the revised Local Plan.

Sustainability Appraisal

We have to develop a sustainability appraisal of the Plan as it goes through the partial review process to check it is meeting key social, economic and environmental objectives. This includes assessing impacts on equality and on health and wellbeing. The sustainability appraisal is updated at each stage in the process and the final version will also undergo examination.