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6. Environment (including Air Quality, Waste and Green Infrastructure)

E 01 - Lambeth Air Quality Action Plan 2016

E 02 - Air Quality Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

E 03 - WRWA Waste Technical Paper 2016

The Western Riverside Waste Authorities (WRWA) Waste Technical Paper 2016 has been prepared for the Western Riverside boroughs which looks at existing waste capacity and future need. Since this evidence base was prepared, new data has become available on apportionment targets, existing capacity and potential future capacity. This additional information will affect how much land needs to be identified for new waste facilities in the borough. The Waste Technical Paper will therefore need to be updated for the next stage of Lambeth’s Local Plan.

E 04 - Lambeth Green Infrastructure Strategy - August 2016

7. Quality of the Built Environment

QBE 01 - Lambeth Residential Basement Study - April 2016