The Site Allocations Development Plan Document Integrated Impact Assessment will incorporate Sustainability Appraisal (SA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA), Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Crime and Safety (C&S) Assessment into a single document.

The draft Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) will take place alongside the preparation of the draft Site Allocations Development Plan Document and an iterative approach will be adopted. There will be an opportunity to comment on the draft IIA at appropriate stages in the preparation of the DPD.

The council will also be undertaking work on the Site Allocations Development Plan Document in relation to the Habitat Regulations. Whilst such work is distinct and separate to that of the IIA, the findings of the Habitat Regulations work will be integrated within the Integrated Impact Assessment work where appropriate.

Integrated Impact Assessment for the Site Allocations Development Plan Document - Scoping Report

To support the SA DPD, the council is consulting on a draft Scoping Report for its integrated impact assessment. The draft Scoping Report proposes a set of draft objectives against which the sites forming the SA DPD will be appraised within the draft IIA document. The Scoping Report is not an integrated impact assessment report – but forms the first stage in the preparation of an integrated impact assessment.

In accordance with the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004 the council is consulting with the prescribed consultation bodies between 8 July 2020 to 2 September 2020. This draft Scoping Report is also being made publicly available for consultation. Following the consultation period comments on the draft Scoping Report will be considered for the final version Scoping Report and subsequent Integrated Impact Assessment Report.

How to provide comments

Please send your comments on the draft Scoping Report to by 2 September 2020.