Public inquiry for Land Off Windsor Grove

Find information about the public inquiry into the planning application at Windsor Grove.

Planning application

An application for full planning permission was made to the council on 20 March 2020.

Documents accompanying the application, and the comments made, can be viewed on the Lambeth planning website (enter 20/01066/EIAFUL in the search field).

The application sought planning permission for the demolition of all existing buildings and structures and the provision of a new building and associated hard and soft landscaping in respect of the use of the site as a metal recycling and management facility.

What is the position of the council on the application?

The application was refused permission on 10 August 2021, following consideration of the proposed development by the council’s Planning Applications Committee (PAC) on 27 July 2020 following a deferral from the PAC meeting of 13 July 2021.

The reason for refusal outlined in the ‘Decision Notice’ will form the basis of defending this appeal.

Why has an appeal been made?

The applicant has lodged an appeal against the council’s refusal of planning permission.

On 9 November 2021, the Planning Inspectorate confirmed that a valid appeal has been received and the start of the appeal process had commenced.

The Secretary of State (SoS) hereby directs that he shall determine this appeal instead of an inspector. This means that instead of writing a decision, the inspector will prepare a report and recommendation, which will be forwarded to the SoS.

The reason for this direction is that the appeal involves proposals which rise important or novel issues of development control, and/or legal difficulties.

The appeal is due to be heard at a public inquiry starting at 10.00am on 1 March 2022. The inquiry is expected to run for six days.

What happens to comments made on the planning application?

Comments received by the council at application stage have been sent to the Planning Inspectorate. The inspector will take these into account in making the decision.