Your subscription to the garden waste service will last for a full 12 months from the date you subscribe.

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Costs for this service

If you don't have Lambeth-issued garden waste sacks, you must purchase them along with your subscription. We will only collect garden waste presented in our reusable or biodegradable sacks.

Item Cost 2020/21 Information
Registration for 12 months garden waste collection service £64.20 This registration fee covers the weekly collection of two reusable bags for 12 months from the date you subscribe.
Reusable bags £6.11 The cost for registration does not include bags. If you do not already have reusable bags they must be purchased separately.
Registration of an additional bag £17.32 If you want more than two reusable bags to be collected every week then you need to register each additional bag for collection.
Roll of 10 compostable bags £17.83 For residents already subscribed to the scheme who need occasional larger collections. There is no additional fee for collection of these bags.
Cheque administration fee £5 To cover the administrative cost of processing cheque payments

This is a non-refundable service. If you move within Lambeth, you may transfer the service to your new address.

What you need to know...

We offer an all-year round weekly garden waste collection service.

What you can put in the bag:

  • grass cuttings
  • leaves and twigs
  • weeds, shrubs, plants and flowers
  • hedge trimmings
  • branches up to 10 cm diameter (larger branches will damage collection vehicles)
  • pet bedding (from plant-eating animals only, for example rabbits and guinea pigs).

You can completely fill your bag so long as it can be reasonably lifted.

What you can't put in the bag:

  • soil, rubble or large branches
  • flower pots, plant trays, plastic and polystyrene
  • general rubbish and other recycling
  • cat and dog waste.

Garden waste cannot be put into your wheeled bin or collected with your recycling. Your bin may not be emptied if it contains garden waste.

Please put your garden waste bags on the kerb in front of your property prior to 6am on collection day.

If your garden waste is not collected, pleased call 020 7926 9000 to let us know.

More detailed information about the garden waste service.

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