Kerbside properties have a food waste service so you can put all your scraps into your food waste bin and it will be collected for composting.

Food waste collections are not available from estates.

We will not be checking your food waste bins but we will be monitoring participation. If you do not recycle your food waste, but are able to, you will receive a letter or a visit from a Waste Support Officer.

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1. Food waste collections

Your food waste is collected on the same day as your refuse and recycling.

See Recycling and rubbish collection days by street.

Collections for kerbside properties

  • We have provided a kitchen caddy and an outside food waste bin.
  • You can place your external bin on the footpath outside the boundary of your property after 8pm the night before and by 6am on the day of your collection.
  • Please make sure that your external bin does not obstruct the pavement.
  • Please do not place your small silver caddies out for collection either inside or on top of your food waste bin. We are only able to collect food waste from your external bins. If you find you regularly do not have enough space in your external bin, you may order another, please see below.

Order an extra bin

  • If you need an extra external food waste bin for your food waste, then you can call 020 7926 9000 to request one.

2. What to put in your caddy

YES to...

  • meat and fish (raw and cooked including bones)
  • fruit and vegetables (raw and cooked)
  • dairy products (including cheese, eggs and egg shells)
  • bread, cakes and pastries
  • rice and pasta
  • tea bags, tea and coffee grounds
  • used kitchen paper towels
  • uneaten food from plates and dishes.

NO to...

  • packaging of any sort
  • plastic bags
  • glass, metal and paper
  • oils and liquids
  • nappies
  • soil, rubble and stones
  • any other waste.

3. What happens to my food waste?

Your food waste is collected with garden waste and taken to a large composting facility. Once mature, it is used to improve farmland around London, reducing the need for artificial fertiliser.

4. Reducing food waste

You can visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for lots of practical advice, tips and recipes on how to avoid food waste.

For information on composting food waste and other materials, please visit the Recycle now website.

To order a composting bin or a wormery at reduced rates, go to our order a compost bin page.

5. Order food waste bags

If you would like to use liners in your food waste caddy you can purchase them online. The small liners are suitable for Lambeth caddies.

Alternatively, you will find that most large supermarkets now stock liners.

If you would prefer not to buy liners, you can use newspaper to line your caddy instead. The newspaper can be disposed of along with your food waste. Please do not use plastic bags in your caddy as they do not breakdown during the composting process.