A to Z of what materials you can recycle or dispose of in Lambeth and where you can do it.

If you are self-isolating you must follow the government's advice on disposing of your waste to make sure you protect our collection teams and the public from the spread of coronavirus.

See what items can and can't be recycled at home.










  • Irons - See one of the recycling centres at Vale Street or Smuggler's Way or if in working condition to a local charity shop.








  • Packaging - see material type i.e. cardboard, plastic
  • Pans - donate to Emmaus Lambeth
  • Paper - green recycling wheelie bin
  • Paper, shredded - cannot be recycled
  • Paint - Try to use up all paint. You can dispose of unused paint at Smuggler's Way recycling centre. Please see this document for more information. Tins of paint that have dried solid can be put in your general waste bin.
  • Pesticides - see hazardous waste
  • Pet litter - Litter and waste from non-carnivorous animals can be composted. If your animal eats meat, their waste should be wrapped and disposed of in the general rubbish bin
  • Phone directories - green recycling wheelie bin
  • Pillows - not currently recyclable
  • Pill trays with foil - not currently recyclable
  • Plant pots and seed trays - not currently recyclable
  • Plants - see garden waste
  • Plasterboard - not currently recyclable. You will need to contact a specialist company to dispose of this type of waste
  • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays - the following items can be recycled in your green recycling wheelie bin:

    • Plastic bottles including drinks and detergents
    • Plastic bakery trays
    • Plastic cake decoration pots
    • Plastic dessert pots
    • Plastic egg boxes
    • Plastic fruit punnets
    • Plastic handsoap dispensers
    • Plastic ice cream tubs
    • Plastic margarine tubs
    • Plastic ready meal trays
    • Plastic sauce pots
    • Plastic spray bottles from detergent and cleaning products
    • Plastic tubs from laundry capsules
    • Plastic tubs from personal care products (for example creams and hair gels)
    • Plastic yoghurt pots (rinse and remove foil lids)
    • Pot noodle pots
    • Plastic vitamin and supplement pots
  • Plastics - the following items cannot be recycled in your green recycling wheelie bin:

    • Carrier bags
    • Buckets
    • Pipes
    • Toys (see reuse and recycling centres or donate to Emmaus Lambeth
    • Polystyrene packaging
    • Clingfilm
    • Inner wrap from cereals
    • Bread wrappers
    • Frozen food bags
    • Plant pots
    • Bubble wrap
    • Crisp packets and sweet bags
    • Electrical items
    • Pill trays with foil
    • Food sachets (eg. powdered sauces)
    • Toothpaste tubes
  • Plastic carrier bags – see carrier bags

  • Plastic chairs – see reuse and recycling centres
  • Plastic toys – see reuse and recycling centres or donate to Emmaus Lambeth
  • Polystyrene – not currently recyclable
  • Pots and pans – donate to Emmaus Lambeth
  • Prams and pushchairs – donate to Emmaus Lambeth
  • Printer cartridges – reuse and reycling centre
  • Pyrex glass including jugs and cooking dishes - Not recyclable so donate to Emmaus Lambeth


  • Quilts – not currently recyclable







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