You can check if you're entitled to clear recycling sacks by using the container requests form.

Due to the steps we are having to take to manage the coronavirus outbreak we cannot deliver clear recycling sacks for the foreseeable future.

If you use clear sacks for recycling, please make them last as long as possible by squashing down cardboard, bottles and containers.

If you have spare bags, share these with a neighbour if it is possible to do so while respecting the government’s lockdown instructions.

If you run out of bags and are able to keep your recycling inside, please do so until we can deliver more bags.

If you can't keep your recycling inside, please place it in a securely tied plastic bag and present it alongside your rubbish bags on your normal collection day.

Who can use this service

For most households, we have introduced green recycling wheelie bins to replace the clear recycling sacks. Only a small number of properties in Lambeth still use recycling sacks.

You can check if you're entitled to use recycling sacks by entering your address on the container requests form to see which container type your property has been allocated.

Please remember

  • You don't need to bag your recycling to put it in the green wheelie bin or large communal recycling bins
  • We recommend that you keep a reusable bag, cardboard box or plastic container in your home to store your recycling
  • When it's time to empty this, just tip the recycling in your green wheelie bin or communal bin and use the storage item again.

Find out more about recycling from home.

How to order recycling sacks

Recycling sacks are delivered three times a year. If you run out before your next delivery you can order more using the container requests form.