We provide commercial recycling for businesses and free recycle containers for schools.

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1. Recycling commercial waste

Every business produces waste, whether you're a corner shop or a large restaurant. It's costly to dispose of and you can help your business save money by reducing and recycling your waste.

Buy recycled products

Purchasing recycled products makes good business sense. Try recycled toner cartridges for laser printers and fax machines - contact your stationery supplier for details.

Use our commercial recycling collections

We offer commercial recycling services to all businesses in Lambeth. See commercial waste and recycling.

For information on businesses offering office/commercial recycling collections contact the London Environment Agency national customer contact centre on 08708 506 506.

Who to contact

We can give you advice on waste disposal, reducing waste and recycling, call us on 020 7926 9000 or email recycling@lambeth.gov.uk for more information.

Where to go for further help

2. Schools recycling

As well as using our collection service you can bring your unwanted goods to a reuse and recycling centre, a local recycling point, or you can use one of the reuse and recycling schemes.

We provide all schools in Lambeth with recycling containers.

What you can recycle

You can now recycle the same items from school as you can from home:

  • all paper, cardboard, Yellow Pages, directories, catalogue and brochures. (Please flatten boxes)
  • all glass bottles and jars. (Please rinse and remove lids. No broken glass please)
  • all drinks cans, food tins and aerosols. (Please rinse tins and ensure aerosols are empty)
  • plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays. e.g. milk bottles, yoghurt pots or other plastic food containers. (Please rinse and remove bottle lids)
  • food and drink cartons (Tetra pak) e.g. milk, juice, soup and dessert cartons. (Please rinse and flatten).

Who to contact

If you work in a school and would like to have a recycling bank please call 020 7926 9000, or email recycling@lambeth.gov.uk. One of our recycling officers will visit your school to check first where a bin/bank could be kept.


Our Compost Doctor is available to offer help and advice to any school looking to start composting, or those already composting.

. Compost bins and wormeries are available from our partner Straight Plc at reduced prices. Visit the Get Composting website.

Visit the Recycling Education Centre

Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) can provide sessions for children in the Education Centre based at the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Wandsworth. Find out more about the sessions and how to book on the WRWA website.

Recycle Now's school resources

You'll find plenty of information on recycling including lesson plans for primary and secondary schools on the Recycle Now Schools website.

Work and Play Scrapstore

Schools can access a wide range of interesting, unusual and useful materials for art, educational, creative and play activities at the Work and Play Scrapstore in Wandsworth. The scrapstore collects clean, reusable, surplus materials from local industries and makes them available to members. For more information, visit the Work and Play Scrapstore website.