Have you spotted a fly tip?Tell us where and our teams will investigate. Together, we can keep our streets clean.

Fly tipping frustrates us just as much as you and costs us money to deal with - more than £140 per tonne. We want our streets to be clean and pleasant places and we’re determined to catch those responsible for dumping rubbish illegally.

Our officers are constantly patrolling the borough and aim to investigate and remove any dumped waste within four days at the most.

We're also running a trial to decrease fly tipping, by using portable cameras to catch offenders.

We need your help to catch the offenders!

Our enforcement officers rely on residents to provide any information regarding those responsible for fly tipping so we can prosecute. If we can identify the offender, financial penalties will be issued and if necessary, our officers will refer more serious issues for prosecution via the local magistrates’ court.

If you have any information regarding fly tippers, if you witnessed the fly tipping yourself or if you have any evidence that could help us catch those responsible, let us know using the reporting form and provide as much information as possible.

Become a street champion and get your neighbours involved too.

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Who can use this service

If you are reporting fly tipping on a housing estate, you should contact your housing office

What you need to know...

If the rubbish you have reported is on public land the council will remove it. If the rubbish is on private land we will ask the managing agents or owners to remove it, we will assist in trying to apprehend the fly tippers and to gather any evidence that may be available.

Punishment for fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is illegal, anyone caught fly-tipping in Lambeth will be prosecuted.

Cases are referred to court, where offenders can be fined up to £50,000 in magistrates' courts, an unlimited amount of fines in crown courts, as well as community punishment orders or prison sentences of up to 5 years.