If your rubbish, recycling, food or garden waste has not been collected you can report it to us as a missed collection.

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What you need to know...

Sometimes bins cannot be collected due to access issues; in these cases an evening crew will attempt to collect your rubbish. If it has not been collected by the following morning, please let us know.

If a missed collection is reported more than two working days after your collection day, it will be collected the following week on your usual collection day.

Green recycling wheelie bin

It is important that your green recycling wheelie bin only contains items that we can recycle. Non-recyclable items can result in the processing plant rejecting the entire load. In order to prevent this, our staff may place a bin swinger on your green bin if they believe it contains the wrong materials.

If your recycling is not collected, check whether a bin swinger has been put on your recycling bin. Please remove the non-recyclable items and the bin swinger and present your recycling on your next collection day - your waste will then be collected and recycled.