We provide a weekly collection of rubbish for all kerbside properties and estates in Lambeth.

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1. Rubbish collections from kerbside properties

If you live in a kerbside property, you will have been given a wheelie bin. You should bag your waste and place it into the bin ready for collection. You must ensure that your bin is placed onto the pavement by 6am on your collection day. Please return your bin to your property as soon after collection as possible but no later than 8am the following day.

All waste must be contained inside your bin and the lid must be closed. We are not able to collect rubbish left at the side or on top of the bin.

2. Rubbish collection from estate properties

If you live on an estate your rubbish will be collected from a shared bulk bin. Please bag your waste and make sure it is placed inside the bin. Please do not leave waste on the floor around the bins.

3. What do I do with large items that won't fit into my bin?

If you have large items that need collecting please see our bulky waste collection pages

4. I live in a kerbside property but I don't have a wheelie bin

If you live in a single household you should have a 140 litre slimline bin. If you live in a flat or a large house converted into flats you should have a bin to share with your neighbours. If you are unsure, please call us on 020 7926 9000.

5. I can't fit all of my rubbish into my new bin

You can now recycle 85 per cent of your household rubbish, so your bin should be sufficient for your needs. Please make sure that you are recycling everything you can and using the food waste collection service.

If there are six or more permanent residents in your household or you produce healthcare waste, you may be entitled to a bigger bin.

6. I cannot move my bin to the pavement for collection

If you are physically unable to move your bin and do not have anyone who can help you, we can arrange an assisted collected. Please contact us on 020 7926 9000.