An outline of the registration, assessment and other administrative processes for NQTs in Lambeth.

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1. How schools register an NQT

NQTs should be registered with the council by completing and returning the NQT registration form to Dave Coram at by the end of the first full week of starting induction in Lambeth.

If we do not receive a completed form by then, induction will begin from the date after we receive the form.

If any of the NQTs registered details change during the course of their induction, please complete the relevant information only and return a change of details form to Dave Coram.

2. How schools fulfil their NQT assessment duties

The relevant sections of the assessment record should be completed and submitted at the end of each period of induction - for the majority of NQTs, these will be at the end of Terms 2, 4 and 6 of an academic year.

These should be received by the due dates below:

Those beginning induction in September 2013

Induction Period One (IP1) - week of 2 December 2013 - by 6 December 2013
Induction Period Two (IP2) - week of 16 March 2014 - by 20 March 2014
Induction Period Three (IP3) - week of 7 July 2014 - by 11 July 2014

Please note that we have taken the decision to move the due dates away from the end of terms for a number of reasons, including trying to ensure that the 3 periods of induction are of as near equal length as possible (65 days, 62 days and 64 days - rather than the 74 days, 54 days and 67 days that the official school year would give), and to allow for administrative processes to take place in a less rushed way than in previous years.

Those beginning induction in January 2014

Induction Period One (IP1) - week of 31 March 2014 - by 4 April 2014
Induction Period Two (IP2) - week of 15 July 2014 - by 19 July 2014
Induction Period Three (IP3) - week of 15 December 2014 - by 19 December 2014

If your NQT is undertaking induction away from these dates, or on a part-time basis, you and your NQT will have been informed of assessment due dates as part of the registration process.

Please ensure that updated Assessment Records are received on a timely basis - this is important so that Lambeth can discharge its statutory responsibilities and fulfil its monitoring and quality assurance function.

Lambeth NQT assessment record

3. How schools raise concerns about an NQT's induction

The vast majority of NQTs make satisfactory progress during their induction.
However, some may experience difficulties, at different stages of their induction, which could put them at risk of not successfully completing Induction.

It is important that NQTs in these circumstances receive prompt and appropriate additional support to enable them to make the necessary improvements.

As part of this, schools should complete and return a cause for concern form to Dave Coram at

Please note that an NQT is not required to be consistently meeting all aspects of the teachers' standards until the end of induction - during the first and second periods of induction, it is the progress towards satisfactory completion of induction that is being monitored and assessed.


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