Did you know Lambeth is a Food Flagship Borough? We want to make sure everyone in Lambeth has the know-how, passion and ability to grow, buy, cook and enjoy food with their family, friends and community.

We have a number of fantastic projects to help develop a healthy food environment in Lambeth, including:

  • Natural Thinkers - Working with teachers, nursery nurses and parents to help young children to reconnect with nature.
  • "Feel 100%" - The campaign aims to show young people how eating the right food can benefit the body and mind in lots of ways and make you feel great or ‘Feel 100%’. "Read more about Feel 100%"
  • Gipsy Hill Project - A number of resident led projects and events
  • Lambeth Lead Food Flagship schools - Four schools that showcase the best practice around nutrition, healthy eating and food growing, and support other schools. "Read more about the Food Flagship schools "
  • Rose Vouchers Fruit and Vegetable pilot scheme - Supporting vulnerable pregnant women and families to eat healthier by providing them with vouchers that can be used to purchase fruit and vegetables at local markets. Read more about Rose Vouchers
  • Lambeth Food Partnership - Bringing together organisations and individuals from across Lambeth involved in food to develop a sustainable and ethical food system that will encourage health and wellbeing.

The Lambeth Food Flagship Programme has a dedicated team who are working with groups and stakeholders across the borough to help achieve the vision.

If you would like more information please email the Food Flagship Team at foodflagship@lambeth.gov.uk.

About the Food Flagship

In common with many inner London boroughs, Lambeth's population faces a number of challenges relating to the local food system including, food production, processing, procurement, distribution, consumption and with an impact on health and wellbeing. Over the past five years, extensive work has been taking place in the borough around food, childhood obesity as well as the engagement of the local community and partners.

In 2014, Lambeth was awarded Food Flagship Borough status following a competitive bidding process.

The vision is to help Lambeth residents to develop a love of healthy and sustainable food. We want everyone to have the knowledge, passion and skills to grow, buy, cook and enjoy food with their family, friends and community. We will build on our famous markets, schools, community gardens and small food businesses to make Lambeth the go-to destination in London for diverse, healthy and exciting food.