This guide outlines the application process for post-induction teaching positions in Lambeth schools.

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1. Applying for post-induction teaching positions

If you hold Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), and have also completed your NQT induction period, we would welcome an application from you to our Qualified Teachers Pool.

More information about making your application can be found on the TeachLambeth website

2. Successful Applications

If your application is accepted into the Qualified Teachers Pool, all relevant Lambeth schools will be able to view your application.

If a school then has a vacancy, they will look at all relevant Pool applications for their position, and invite those of particular interest to them to make a full application for their position.

Your application will be visible to all relevant schools for all relevant vacancies - therefore, it may be the case that you hear from a second school before an application to another school has been concluded.

Please close your application on the TeachLambeth website if you secure a position, either in Lambeth or elsewhere - it will save schools considering unnecessary applications, and will stop you receiving unnecessary communication from schools.

3. Other ways to find a position in Lambeth

As well as using the Qualified Teachers Pool or the TeachLambeth website, some schools may also advertise vacant posts - particularly whilst the Qualified Teachers Pool is establishing itself.

These advertisements will appear in the Times Educational Supplement and on the TES website.

If you are interested in an advertised vacancy, you should apply directly to the school.