Guidance for those leaving the employment of a Lambeth school.

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1. Introduction

It is Lambeth policy that all staff leaving the council, or resigning their post to take up another internally, are given the opportunity to complete an exit questionnaire and, if requested, an exit interview.

The purpose of the exit policy is to:

  • monitor staff turnover
  • establish why employees leave their school or unit
  • what they think about working there

Lambeth value our staff and their views, and we welcome feedback from staff about their employment experience - exit questionnaires will assist us in identifying where the council or various departments may be going wrong, so that areas of concern can be addressed, where practicable.

2. How the exit policy works

Staff should be given the choice to complete an exit questionnaire or to take part in an exit interview.

If the completion of a questionnaire is chosen, this should, ideally, be done during the last week of employment, but can be completed after leaving.

If an interview is requested, this meeting can be held with:

  • their line manager
  • their line manager’s manager
  • an officer from Lambeth Schools HR Services.

Exit interviews should be held in a quiet, closed office; the same exit questionnaire will be used to conduct the interview and the member of staff should be encouraged to give as much information as possible.

Exit interviews should be held with any teacher leaving where a grievance has been lodged.

3. Complete an exit questionnaire

By completing and returning this questionnaire, those leaving the employment of a Lambeth school will be able to tell Lambeth about their time at the school.

This questionnaire should only be completed by those leaving the employment of a Lambeth school, when:

  • retiring
  • leaving to take up employment outside of Lambeth
  • leaving to take up employment in another Lambeth school

Please do not complete this form if you are leaving any other Lambeth department.

Send the completed form to:
Dave Coram
Lambeth Schools Human Resources Team

4. What happens next

Completed exit questionnaires will be held confidentially by the Schools Human Resources Team.

The information given in exit questionnaires may be used to produce reports showing trends for staff leaving Lambeth or the individual school, but individuals will not be identifiable from these reports.