All local authorities must establish a schools forum. They are consultative bodies to advise local authorities on matters, prescribed in regulations, relating to the repeating funding arrangements for schools and other non-school-based pupil provision.


A minimum of 80% of the members of a schools forum must be 'schools members' (either head teacher representatives or governors) while the remaining 20% of members can be 'non-schools members' nominated by a local authority. Non-school 'relevant bodies' who have a legitimate interest in local school and other pupil provision funding processes.

What the Schools forum does

Lambeth Schools Forum, helps to maintain, develop and review Lambeth's Scheme of Devolved Funding, as well as the Lambeth Schools Fair Funding Formula.

The Schools Forum is consulted over arrangements for the following:

  • changes to the School Fair Funding Formula and their financial implications
  • the terms of any proposed contract for supplies and services that is expected to be over the threshold of £50,000
  • the arrangements for the education of pupils with special educational needs
  • arrangements for the use of pupil referral units and the education of children otherwise than at school
  • arrangements for early years education
  • arrangements for insurance
  • revision to the scheme for the financing of schools
  • administrative arrangements for the allocation of central government grants paid to schools via the authority arrangements for free school meals.

The Schools Forum meets about four times a year in time for its views to be taken into account in deciding how the schools budget for the following financial year should be used.

Dates for the 2018-19 financial year

  • 10th Jan 2018
  • 6th Mar 2018
  • June 2018
  • Oct 2018
  • Dec 2018

Find out more about schools forums on the Department for Education website


The most recent versions of Lambeth School Forum documents:

Meeting papers

Schools Forum meetings are open to the members of the public who can observe.

Schools Forum meetings are held at nominated schools - for information regarding meeting venue please contact

If you have any specific needs to help you attend, contact Lambeth Schools Finance at at least 24 hours before the meeting.

For older meeting minutes and papers contact