View the determined 2021/22 Lambeth admissions policy and arrangements.

In line with the School Admissions Code 2014, the 2021/22 school admission arrangements relating to Lambeth community schools and Oasis Academy Johanna (on behalf of Oasis Community Learning) has been determined (agreed) in 2020. This followed a period of consultation that ran from 13 December 2019 to 26 January 2020.

The arrangements were determined by Councilor Jennifer Brathwaite following Council Members Briefing.

The changes agreed for Lambeth community schools are the formal reductions in the Published Admissions Number (PAN) for the following primary schools from the 2021/22 academic year by one for of entry - 30 children.

  • Fenstanton Primary School
  • Glenbrook Primary School
  • Henry Fawcett Primary School
  • Kings Avenue Primary School
  • Kingswood Primary School
  • Stockwell Primary School

The only changes made to the existing admissions criteria and main admissions processes for Lambeth community schools (and Oasis Academy Johanna, on behalf of Oasis Community Learning) were to aid clarity.

A major change within the policy is the inclusion of The Norwood School planning to open an exciting opportunity for an additional 18 Year 10 places for visual and performing arts bursaries. These 18 places are for new entrants and will be an additional 10% to their Year 10 PAN. The admissions process and timescales for this will follow the same as secondary transfer (Year 7 intake), so applications can be made from 1 September 2020 for 2021 intake.

During the consultation, only one response was received objecting to the reduction of the PAN for one of the schools. After careful consideration of this and the proposed changes, the new policy was determined with the PANs as consulted.

For admissions information about Lambeth academies, voluntary aided schools and foundation schools please visit the school's webpages.


If you believe that the determined policy is not lawful, you have the right to lodge a formal objection, which can be done at:

Office of the Schools Adjudicator

The deadline for submitting an objection is 15 May 2020.