This page is a declaration and provides further details about the outcome on national Offer Day and must be read and understood by the person with parental responsibility for the child to whom this online Common Application Form (CAF) relates to.

If accepting the school place offered:

I understand that by accepting my child's offer, this does not affect the possibility of another school place being offered at a school listed as a higher preference on the CAF (if one was offered from the CAF).

If declining (rejecting) the school place offered:

I confirm that by rejecting the offer made to my child I take responsibility to secure alternative educational provision for him/her.

If I am rejecting the offer, I have informed Lambeth School Admissions Team in the space provided the reason why I have rejected the offer.

I will state the name of the secured alternative educational provision in the 'relevant comments' box on the online form.

If I reject the offer now, I confirm that I understand that if I change my mind, I can't make this change using the online system, but will need to put this in writing as soon as possible to the Lambeth School Admissions Team clearly stating my change of decision.

I understand that the rejected offer will be made to another child, so there is no guarantee that this offer can be re-made.

Please note that Lambeth School Admissions Team will not accept rejections of school offers received from parents unless they are able to evidence that appropriate educational provision (relative to the school age and circumstance) is in place or they are unable to take up the place due to a significant change of circumstance such as moving to another part of the country.

The reason for this is to safeguard the child and ensure that Lambeth Council fulfills its statutory duty to ensure that all children access a school place, where possible.