Find out how to apply, or how to respond to an offer you've received.

If your child was born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010, or is in year 6 for the 2020-21 school year, you must apply for a secondary school place for September 2021.

Apply online and apply on time!

The deadline for applications is midnight on Saturday 31 October 2020.

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1. Before you apply

It's important to know how the secondary school transfer process works and what you need to do and when.

Please read our booklet for full information about the admissions process and admission criteria, open days for each Lambeth state school.

You may find it useful to read our Brief guide to starting secondary school in Lambeth 2021/22 booklet

You can view details of how offers were made on National Offer Day in previous years to help you decide which schools to apply for, though please be aware that this is only for reference and cannot be used as a guarantee of how places will be offered for the 2021/22 intake.

Details of changes to 2020 secondary school open events due to COVID-19

It is strongly advised that you visit the schools you wish to apply for, details of Lambeth schools open days are in the booklets mentioned above. However, further to the list in our booklets, COVID-19 restrictions have meant that some alterations have had to be made. Please see below details from the schools about how parents/carers can view the school. If anything is uncertain please view the school’s website or contact the school staff. As plans may change further, we aim to keep this document as up-to-date as possible.

You may wish to look at a school's Ofsted report for the schools too.

If your child is attending a through school and you wish them to continue into Year 7 at that school, you do not need to complete a secondary transfer application. However, it is advised that you confirm this intention with staff at your child's current school.

Children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), you'll need to apply for a school place in a different way.

Read about choosing and applying for a school for a child with an ECHP in the SEND Local Offer.

Applying for a school place using the e-admissions portal when your child has an EHCP will not be valid and your child may miss out on a school place.

If you don't live in Lambeth

If you live in a different borough but want to send your child to a school in Lambeth, please apply through your home council's website so that you the see information for your borough, or complete their paper application form.

Applying for schools in a different borough

If you live in Lambeth and want to apply for a school in a different borough, you'll still need to apply through the Lambeth school admissions team and follow the application process on this page.

You can find the school admissions details for school places in neighbouring boroughs.

2. How to apply for a school place by the deadline of 31 October 2020

Apply online and apply on time!

You must apply for a secondary school place using the Common Application Form on the eAdmissions website. Applications can be made from 1 September 2020.

See pages 17 to 19 in the Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2021/22 booklet for a step-by-step guide on applying online before clicking on the link below to the application portal.

Please note that if you had created an eadmissions account in the past and have not used it in the last three years, you may need to create a new account, as some historical accounts/children's details will have been deleted in compliance with GDPR.

Apply for a secondary school place

If you are uncertain about how to create an account, or forgotten your password, please view the short help videos easily found on the eAdmissions portal webpage. If you still experience problems with creating an account, validating email addresses, or website functionality, please call the London Grid for Learning support line on 020 8255 5555 and press option 1.


The ParentComms:Mobile app is an alternative way to receive notifications from the eAdmissions website and is designed to help parents stay connected with their child's school.

If you don’t already use ParentComms through your child's school, you will need to download the ParentComms app from the Apple AppStore, Google Play or Windows Phone Store to a mobile device and register your eAdmissions USO username and password to receive the following push notifications from the eAdmissions website:

  • A reminder to submit any un-submitted applications 1 week before as well as 24 hours before the closing date. (If you register less than 24 hours before the deadline you will not be able to be sent this message).
  • Your application reference number of your submitted application
  • The outcome of your application.

If you can't apply online

There will be a very limited amount of paper Common Application Forms (CAFs) for applying to a secondary school place. These are only for use in previously agreed exceptional circumstances.

Completed forms will need to be submitted to Lambeth School Admissions Team with the required proof of address and date of birth documentation (see section on this). These items can be sent by post, by email or via scanning facilities in the Lambeth Customer Centre. You will need an appointment for the latter.

By post

If you choose to send your application by post, you must use the correct postage and send it to:

Lambeth School Admissions Team
London Borough of Lambeth
PO Box 734
S023 5DG

By email

You can email the CAF and documentation to on the understanding that the security of any unsecured/unencrypted sensitive information which is emailed to us is the responsibility of the sender. By emailing us such documents unencrypted, you are accepting full responsibility for its security. If possible, we would recommend that items are sent securely via an email encryption package (we use egress switch which is free).

By hand

You can book an appointment at the Lambeth Customer Service Centre to use their scanning facilities to submit information to us.

3. Proof of address and child's date of birth

When you apply for a school place you'll need to provide proof your address and your child's date of birth.

You must upload the correct documents for you and your child to the eAdmissions website. If you've filled in a paper form, you must include these documents when you submit your application.

Without this documentation your child’s application may be withdrawn and no offer made at a school.

Take a look at the required documents list to ensure you provide what is needed.

Change of details

If you move address after submitting your application, you must tell us about this so we can contact you if we need more information or to tell you the result of your application.

To tell us about your change of address, you'll need to fill in our school admissions change of address form and provide proof of your new address for and your child.

You will also need to tell us if you have a change of medical circumstances or a sibling starts at a preferred school. You can do this by sending an email to the school admissions team at

Changes to preferences after the deadline for on time applications are not permitted.

4. Supplementary Information Forms and admissions tests

Supplementary Information Forms (SIFs)

Some schools ask you to complete a SIF to provide extra information for the admissions criteria to be looked at fully. This is in addition to the Common Application Form being submitted

It is vital that you submit any SIFs that are required for the schools you apply for, by their deadline, otherwise this will significantly reduce the likelihood of your child gaining a place at the school.

Check pages 20 and 21 and the 'how to apply' section as well as the criteria pages for each school in the Starting secondary school in Lambeth 2021/22 booklet to see which schools ask for these, and their deadlines.

Download a Lambeth Supplementary Information Form.

If you're applying for schools in other boroughs, please check their council website to see if a SIF is needed.

Admissions tests

Some schools require children to sit a test. In Lambeth these are used for banding, to ensure children of all abilities are considered.

It is vital that your child sits the tests required for the schools you apply for, otherwise this will significantly reduce the likelihood of your child gaining a place at the school.

In addition to this, some schools have bursary auditions.

More details about how the tests are used will be found in the 'Starting Secondary School in Lambeth 2021-22' bookletStarting-secondary-school-in-Lambeth-2021-22.pdf .

The date for the test used by some Lambeth schools is Saturday 14 November 2020. Your child will be invited to sit the test once a SIF has been received on time by the relevant school.

If you wish to apply for a Wandsworth school, please note that their arrangements for the Wandsworth test have changed this year and there is no need to register.

For details about tests for schools in other boroughs contact the school or borough directly.

Test results after deadline

This does not directly effect any Lambeth schools, but if you are a Lambeth resident applying for out of borough schools which have an ability or aptitude test, the result of which will be known after 31 October, and the result of your child’s test means you wish to change your application preference, please email by 10 December for these to be accommodated.

If you have questions about test arrangements, please check relevant school websites, or contact the school(s) directly.

5. Applying after the deadline

If you apply after 31 October 2020, your application will be treated as a 'late application'. This means:

  • your preferences will be considered after all the preferences received on time have been allocated
  • the likelihood of gaining a place at your preferred school may be significantly reduced.

If you need help to complete your application or advice on applying, contact us as soon as possible so you can apply on time.

6. Offers

Secondary National Offer Day - Monday 1 March 2021

If you apply online, you'll be sent an email on 1 March 2021 telling you your child's school place offer. You can also check the offer on the eAdmissions website.

If you apply by post, an outcome letter will be sent to you by post on 1 March 2021.

7. Contact us

If you need advice on applying for a school place, you can email us at or call the School Admissions Team Call Centre on 020 7926 9503.

8. Lambeth School Admissions privacy notice

In accordance with the General Data Protection Act 2018, this document states how the information you give is used for school admissions and safeguarding purposes. Also for information on how Lambeth Council processes personal data please see our Privacy Notice.

If you need any further information about Lambeth Council's privacy notice please email