Children or young people with SEND have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder to learn than others their age. Find out who to talk to about SEND, and the graduated support that's available in Lambeth.

A child or young person aged between 0 and 25 with SEND has learning difficulties or disabilities and finds it much harder to learn than other children or young people their age.

They may need extra support in a number of areas such as schoolwork, communication and understanding other people, personal behaviour and overcoming barriers caused by sensory or physical disabilities.

We make sure that children in Lambeth with SEND have access to a well-balanced education that meets their individual needs. They should enjoy a happy and healthy childhood, be socially included and grow up to achieve their full potential.

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1. Who to talk to about SEND

If your child has, or you think they have special educational needs, contact the person in your child’s school or nursery responsible for special educational needs, usually called the SEN Coordinator, or SENCO.

The school’s office or website will tell you who to talk to. All schools and places of education publish their SEND Information Report on their website. This is a helpful way for you to find out how SEN and disability are supported in your child’s school.

Find contact details for schools and other places of education in Lambeth

Confidential advice

You can also contact the Lambeth Information and Advice Support Service (formerly the Parent Partnership Service) for impartial and confidential advice.

They offer advice about education, health and social care, and can also inform you about how to resolve disagreements about mediation, appeals and complaints on issues around special educational needs and disabilities.

Lambeth Information and Advice Support Service
Telephone: 020 7926 9805 (Chris White, Information and Advice Officer)
Telephone: 020 7926 1831 (Anita Bey, Information and Advice Officer)

Find out more about the Lambeth Information and Advice Support Service

You can also find more useful information in the government's guide to SEND for parents and carers

2. What support is out there (the Local Offer)

The Lambeth Local Offer has information - for parents, children and young people - about all of the support you can find in Lambeth for special educational needs and disabilities.

Find out how pre-schools, schools and colleges in Lambeth support education for children and young people with SEND, and what's available to help with health and social care.

Knowing what is out there gives you more choice and control over what support is right for you or your child.

3. Support plans

Schools and places of education will have a method of showing how they provide support for a child with SEND, this will probably be an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a Provision Map.

Children and young people may need a SEND support plan if they have significant needs, or their needs involve many different support services.

The child's family (or carer) and their school will work together to make a SEND support plan that takes into account the child's individual strengths and needs. They will plan outcomes, and consider the type of support needed to reach those outcomes.

The support plan should be reviewed every term and more often if needed, to make sure it is meeting the child's needs. Parents or carers and the child or young person will be involved in any reviews.

Read our guidance for using a SEND support plan
See an example of a SEND support plan

Education, Health and Care Plans

Schools may use a SEND support plan to request an Education, Health and Care assessment for children and young people with the most complex needs.

This leads into an Education, Health and Care Plan.