Find out which nurseries, schools and post 16 settings offer additional support to children with autism.
local offer logo You can read about each school and our full educational provision for children and young people with SEND by downloading the booklet below.

Enhanced early years provision

Within Lambeth we have eight enhanced nurseries, each with 4 places for children with additional needs.

These nurseries have been identified as being able to provide specialist support and are given extra funding to support training and equipment.

They also receive a high level of training and support from external professionals to be able to meet the children’s needs appropriately.

Under 5 provisions have access to funding streams that can be used to support very young children with emerging or already identified special educational needs and disabilities.

Early years funding

The Early Years Inclusion Fund and the Disability Access Fund are two funding streams available to support your child in early years settings.


Every school must have a SEND information report that shows how they teach and meet the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities. You can find the report on their website.

Some children may go to a school in Lambeth that has specialist provision for autism. This will either be at a mainstream school with a resource base or a special school.

To access an autism resource base or a special school, your child will need to have and education, health and care plan (EHCP). Each setting has criteria for admissions and placement will be organised by the SEND Service.

Autism teaching methods

All of the approaches used in our schools are evidence based and do not need to be used exclusively. They can be used in conjunction with each other and have been proven to be highly effective in a variety of contexts.

NHS speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and educational psychologists support the use and development of these strategies and interventions through training, observation and feedback to continually develop and personalise the use of the approaches.

Special schools in neighbouring boroughs

Use the links below to look up the special schools in another borough near you.

Independent schools

There are times when a child or young person’s needs cannot be met by the provision that is in place in the borough or in neighbouring boroughs’ maintained settings.

When this is the case we will look to the approved independent specialist settings list provided by the government to guide our placement decisions.

Colleges and sixth forms

There are colleges and sixth forms in and outside Lambeth that specialise in teaching young people with autism.