If your child has been diagnosed with autism there are a range of services you can access to support you and their needs.
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You can also find services and support groups and networks in the autism services directory on the National Autistic Society website.

Post-diagnostic support for parents and carers

We highly recommend that parents attend a post-diagnostic ASD education course to understand ASD, how it affects your child and specific techniques to support them.

The first two courses below will require a referral from your paediatrician.

Lambeth Autism and Related Disorder Service (ARDS)

Lambeth ARDS diagnostic service offer a two-hour post-diagnostic course for parents of children diagnosed with ASD.

This is offered directly following diagnosis but can be accessed later. These sessions are for parents only and you can drop in so there is no need to book a place.

The course is held at the Mary Sheridan Centre

To find out more about the course call ARDS on 020 3049 5964.

Maudsley course for parents of children with ASD – Learning about autism

This is a five-day course aimed at parents or carers with little or no previous experience of ASD and who want to find out about how it is diagnosed, what it is, where it comes from, management, and likely outcomes.

Please ask your paediatrician about a referral.

To find out more, email Jenny Ronayne at jenny.ronayne@slam.nhs.uk.

The course is held at the Michael Rutter Centre for Children and Young People, Maudsley Hospital in Denmark Hill.

Lark Hall parent support groups and workshops

Lark Hall Autism Advisory Service provides workshops which are held in schools across the borough once every half term that aim to provide practical and useful advice with strategies and ideas on how to support your child with ASD in continuing to develop important life skills.

To find out more email Iterry@larkhall.lambeth.sch.uk.

Parenting groups and courses in Lambeth

There are programs that run throughout school terms to support parents and carers:

Financial help

There are various benefits which you may be entitled to. The follow links will take you to the National Autistic Society website.

Find out about:

Support services

Your child’s school, nursery, children’s centres or school setting can access help for children with communication difficulties and autism from these services:

What if my child needs further help?

Some children with autism will need an education, health and care needs assessment.

You can also speak to us about accessing social care support to help your child: