Your child must still get a full-time education, even if they’re ill. They may be able to get help to go to school or be taught outside school.
local offer logo Your child may still be able to go to school with some help.

If your child can’t go to school because of their medical needs:

  • their school will organise education for the first few weeks
  • they may be able to go to a school at the hospital they are in
  • we may arrange education outside school if we think your child isn’t getting an education or if your child is ill for more than 15 days.

This may include:

  • home tuition
  • access to a hospital school
  • a ‘virtual’ school or
  • any combination depending on the needs of your child.

Arrange education for your child

Speak to your child’s school if your child has to go into hospital as an in-patient.

If your child is too ill to go to school and you think they will be off for more than 15 days, contact the medical needs coordinator.

Going back to school

Your child will get help to go back to school when they are ready. We will work with you and your child’s school to plan their return and make sure they get all the help they need.