The LHSS will support children & young people with a permanent sensory neural or long standing conductive hearing loss/deafness. Support will be provided in homes and educational placements.

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Diagnosis and assessment

All babies are given hearing tests at birth and the hospital will refer to LHSS if a hearing loss/deafness is detected.

If you think your child might have a hearing problem, speak to:

  • your health visitor – if your child doesn’t go to school yet
  • your doctor (GP)
  • the school nurse at your child’s school or your child’s teacher.

They will arrange a hearing test for your child.

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1. If your child has permanent hearing loss/deafness

If the hearing tests show that your child has permanent sensory neural or long standing hearing loss/deafness, they’ll be referred to Lambeth Hearing Support Service.

An educational audiologist from our Hearing Support Service will work closely with a paediatric audiologist in the NHS.

The NHS paediatric audiologist will:

  • Assess hearing levels
  • Fit hearing aids
  • Help your child to use their hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Our educational audiologist:

  • will assess your child's hearing levels to understand what help they need to hear better at school and home
  • may offer radio systems or other listening devices at your child’s nursery or school.

2. Support for your child and/or young person from LHSS

Children & Young People

  • To understand and accept their hearing loss/deafness.
  • Maintenance of assistive technologies and promote their good use.
  • Support, develop and monitor listening skills, language and learning.
  • Provide opportunities to meet deaf peers and other role models.
  • To support your child's social and emotional wellbeing enabling them to become confident independent individuals.

Families & Carers

  • Advice and information on the child or young person’s sensory impairment and its implications.
  • Advice and information on assistive technologies.
  • Parent groups to provide opportunities to meet other families with their deaf child.
  • Provide advice, support and information on audiology, language development & communication choices for example, use of British Sign Language.
  • Promote language development to ensure good communication and interaction.
  • Support and advice on statutory assessment.
  • Advice and points for consideration in choosing appropriate educational placements.
  • Liaison with other professionals in education, health, social care and voluntary organisations.

Settings & Schools

  • Provide training, advice and support to staff on enabling access to the national curriculum and inclusion in all aspects of school life.
  • Track and monitor listening, language and learning.
  • Checking and monitoring the use of technologies in schools and settings.
  • Advice on room acoustics and help in developing a good listening environment.
  • support for the child’s or young person’s transition to playgroups, early years, schools and post 16 settings.
  • Home/school liaison.

3. Contact us

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