We provide information about family support and can arrange services for children and families who have been assessed as being 'in need'. Call us if you'd like to talk about arranging support for your family.

Do it by phone

020 7926 6508
Lambeth Adults' and Community Services

Contact 020 7926 6915 if you have a child/children with a disability.

Who can use this service

The service is for children and families who live in Lambeth who have been assessed as being 'in need' by social services.

Under the Children Act 1989, children are considered as being in need if:

  • they are unlikely to be able to reach or keep up a reasonable standard of health or physical or mental development without receiving services from us
  • their health or development would be harmed if they didn't receive services
  • they are disabled.

This would include children who:

  • are the subject of a child protection plan
  • are subject to a police child protection order
  • might need to be accommodated and looked after by the council
  • children with disabilities and their families are likely to receive their support services from a specialist team.