We provide advice, information and help to adults and children who have long-term physical disabilities.

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1. What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy aims to help those with physical disabilities to achieve a high level of functions and independence.

We carry out assessments to see what special equipment and adaptations are needed to help you or your child live independently within your home in Lambeth.

We usually work with local health providers to assess need and provide support.

Occupational therapy helps you live a more productive life. It enables you to carry out essential activities of daily living, with the aim of maintaining or improving independence.

Activities of daily living

Examples of essential activities include:

  • managing personal care, for example getting to the bathroom and getting on and off the toilet
  • safe mobility around your home to enable you to prepare meals, get in and out of bed and manage the steps and stairs
  • enabling your carer to care for you.

2. How occupational therapists can help

We can provide information about:

  • raising the height of the bed or chair so that standing is much easier if a person has stiff, painful hips and knees
  • making a home safer for getting around, e.g. by the installation of handrails and ramps
  • reducing worry and helping people raise their confidence about getting around or managing their disability
  • providing information on ways to get support and helping people to contact other useful agencies
  • helping carers to continue to maintain their caring responsibilities.

For people able and wanting to fund their own equipment or adaptations, advice and information is available by contacting us or by contacting the Disabled Living Foundation.

Following an occupational therapy assessment, financially assessed grants may be available for major adaptations work, to meet your assessed needs.

3. Using this service

Contact Adult Social Care services on 020 7926 5555 and they will put you through to a member of staff who will arrange an assessment for you.

4. Benefit advice

If you have health problems or disability you may be able to claim extra benefits. Many people miss out because they do not know what extra financial help they can claim. The every pound counts service provides high quality information and advice on benefits including benefits checks. They will:

  • help you complete claim forms for benefits, tax credits including claiming disability benefits
  • help you appeal if you are being paid too little benefit or you claim has been refused.

Call Every Pound Counts on 020 7926 5555 to arrange an appointment. Or by email to: everypoundcounts@lambeth.gov.uk