We have social workers at St Thomas' Hospital and at Kings College Hospital who can help you plan your care on leaving hospital.

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1. Going into hospital

For most people, going into hospital can be a worrying experience. Apart from the illness itself, you may also have to cope with other practical or emotional problems.

If you need help, we will:

  • carry out a care and support assessment so that you can tell us about your care needs
  • help you to plan your care on leaving hospital.

2. Who can use this service

Hospital social workers at St Thomas' and Kings College specialise in working with:

  • older people
  • people with physical or sensory disabilities
  • people with chronic ill-health.

Resources are limited and we ensure that we arrange help and care for the most vulnerable and frail people in our community.

This may mean that we cannot always provide help in the way we would like or meet your needs in the way you may prefer.

We will explain to you who is eligible for our services.

3. What services are available

If you are eligible, hospital social workers can provide help including:

  • assessment for care and support needs, including, personal care, domestic support and day care
  • assessment for, and advice about, choosing a residential or nursing home, if that is what you need
  • information about services provided by other relevant organisations that may be able to help you
  • information on counselling services
  • advice on financial problems, including claiming welfare benefits
  • help with some of the practical issues involved in hospital admission, such as the care of pets.

We work very closely with the other staff at the hospital, such as the nurses, doctors and therapists who are involved in your care.

This means that all the people who are involved in your care are aware of the services that the adult social care teams provide and arrange for you.

4. Cost of services

Some of our services are free; some of our services have a set charge; and some of our services have a sliding scale of charges, depending on your income.

There is never a charge for a care and support needs assessment.

We will always give you information about any charges so that you know how much the services will cost before you receive them.

5. Next steps

If you are in hospital and you feel that you need the services that a hospital social worker can provide, you can contact the Hospital Social Work services at St Thomas' and at Kings College.

The hospital staff will contact Adult Social Care services for you, so please speak to a nurse or other health professional involved in your care. If you prefer, you can ask a friend or relative to speak to them for you.

Our hospital social work teams are based at the following addresses:

Kings College Hospital
Denmark Hill
Website: King’s College Hospital
St. Thomas' Hospital
Lambeth Palace Road
Website: St Thomas’ Hospital

You can contact both teams by phoning Lambeth Adult Social Care services on 020 7926 5555.