An improved package of support and services has been unveiled to boost Lambeth's thousands of unpaid Carers.

The first-ever Lambeth Carers' Strategy aims to provide better support to the estimated 18,500+ Carers who devote huge amounts of their time and energy to looking after other people.

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1. Strategy overview

Key elements include more respite breaks for Carers; a new, central Carers' Hub; improved support, advice and training; and a targeted 20% annual increase in both the number of assessments of individual Carers' needs and in the number of Carers receiving social and/or healthcare services.

The Carers' Strategy has been launched by the Council and Lambeth PCT following detailed consultations with partners across the voluntary sector, and Carers themselves.

Over the next five years, the more than £20 million will be spent on delivering support for Carers. In addition to the current range of services, there will be investment in more flexible additional support. A Carer's Charter has been launched and new initiatives will include a Carers' Card scheme to ensure emergency and healthcare services are aware that the person being cared for receives support if a Carer is ill, seriously injured or suddenly called away.

Research suggests that fewer than 20% of Carers in the Borough currently access any formal services - yet nearly half of Carers say their health is not good, or only fairly good, and they suffer from above average stress levels.

Carers typically make major sacrifices to look after family, partners, friends and neighbours, and they don't get 'time off' or receive the recognition and respect they deserve. They are unpaid and can miss out on social, education and employment opportunities. The Strategy sets out plans to tackle local Carers’ key needs covering:

  • Recognition and respect
  • Information and advice
  • Clear and accessible assessments of their needs
  • Support to stay healthy
  • Breaks from caring
  • Support to stay in work, education or training
  • To enjoy a social life and take part in community activities
  • Financial advice
  • Flexible housing solutions

2. Download the strategy

The strategy demonstrates our commitment to Carers and gives direction for developing support and services for Carers over the next five years. The local authority, NHS and voluntary partners and Carers have worked in partnership to develop this strategy. To demonstrate the importance that the partners place on supporting Carers they have agreed that assessments and services to Carers are included in the 35 indicators that they will be judged on in the Local Area Agreement.


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