The Sustainable Community Strategy is the borough's 12 year long term strategy, which sets out how we will improve the quality of life for people who live, work and visit Lambeth.

Our 2020 Vision: Lambeth's Sustainable Community Strategy

The strategy is delivered by Lambeth First (the borough's local strategic partnership) and the council is a key member of this partnership.

The strategy sets out a long-term vision for the borough and seven long term outcomes which the council and partners will strive to achieve. In addition, the Sustainable Community Strategy contains improvement targets for the next three years as well as key projects/programmes that Lambeth First will be taking forward.

This long term strategy informs the priorities within the council's Corporate Plan, the three year improvement strategy for the council.

A comprehensive consultation with businesses, statutory organisations, community groups and residents in the borough was carried out to inform the writing of Lambeth's Sustainable Community Strategy. For more information about the results of the consultation please see the consultation fact sheet.