As part of Lambeth’s ongoing commitment to improving children’s and young people’s health, Public Health has created a data compendium that compares the detected number and estimated number of children and young people in Lambeth with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

To do this, Public Health compared nationally estimated prevalence rates (the estimated number of children and young people with SEND) and the locally detected figures from different sources, such as social services, the school census, DWP data, or NHS data.

Comparing these figures is not straight forward. Therefore, the accompanying presentation (PDF 469.37 KB) gives an overview of the various sources and how they overlap and interact with each other.

The Summary will help Lambeth to identify children and young people with SEND, and how better to support them..

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You can read the full Young People Disability JSNA 2016/17: Data compendium (PDF 725.26 KB).