Public Health is about helping people to stay healthy, and protecting them from threats to their health.

The council took on responsibility for public health from the NHS in April 2013.

Public health services exist to support people to make healthier choices, and aim to minimise the risk and impact of illness. The aim is to:

  • protect and promote health and wellbeing
  • minimise risks to health and wellbeing
  • prevent disease and their complications
  • reduce health and healthcare inequalities.

Key responsibilities for public health include buying the following services :

  • NHS health checks,
  • sexual health services (like contraception and testing and treating sexually transmitted diseases),
  • health visitor services,
  • the National Child Measurement Programme,
  • interventions to prevent and manage obesity, smoking and drug and alcohol abuse.

In Lambeth, a Public Health Commissioning Team exists to ensure that services which promote health are fit for purpose, easy to use, achieve excellent outcomes, tackle health inequalities and represent good value for money. You can contact the team for more information on