This strategy called 'Positive Ageing' aims to tackle the issues that older people have told the council and its partners that they are concerned about in the borough, from un-helpful bus drivers or uneven pavements, to support to stay fit and healthy or tackle fuel poverty.

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1. Overview

And the strategy is about more than just making life bearable with a heavy emphasis being put on services that will make a genuine contribution to improving people's lives. This includes making sure older people can get involved in their community and improving volunteering opportunities so that their experience is not lost.

There is extra investment in initiatives such a handyperson service, more extra care flats, innovative assistive technologies and an enablement service to work with people to regain their independence after an accident or illness, plus more help for people who have had a stroke and those with dementia.

Some plans are already in action to tackle social isolation with the introduction of the gateway network of neighbourhood clubs which will provide 5,200 luncheon club places.

2. Strategy headlines

  • The strategy increases the amount spent on services that older people have said are important to them from £153m to £155m and there is also extra one off investment of £6m.
  • Recurring increased investment in new services is actually higher than £2m as many new services will mean that we don't need to spend as much on institutional care. For example an investment of £1.4m in enablement and supported discharge will reduce the need for ongoing home care and provide a better quality of life for people recovering from an illness or accident.
  • Increased screening for cancer and hypertension.
  • £1.4m invested in 260 extra care housing places and £343,000 in assistive technology as part of a support plan will provide people with an alternative to residential care.
  • There are one off and recurring investments to improve services for people who have had a stroke (£617,000), been diagnosed with dementia (£715,000) or at the end of life.
  • To provide a safer environment, both at home and out and about we are investing an extra £320,000 in community alarms and increasing the handyperson service by 50% to £293,000.
  • There will be almost half a million pounds on extra policing and £2.9m on road and pavement maintenance.
  • £671,000 will be invested in services to prevent the abuse of vulnerable adults. This includes specific provision to identify and prevent abuse in care homes.
  • Intergenerational projects will also be commissioned which challenge stereotypes of young and old people through building mutual respect, understanding and help individuals make a positive contribution; building resilient communities.
  • Social activity was an important theme for older people, including exercise mentioning everything from tai chi to dancing. We will increase our investment in these areas so that fewer older people feel isolated, lonely and depressed (£590,000).
  • We will continue to work with people to improve their economic wellbeing through the Every Pound Counts campaign and work to reduce fuel poverty.