A care and support needs assessment is an opportunity for you to tell us about your circumstances and discuss your care and support needs.

What to do if I think I need care?

Before contacting us, you may want to think about what is working well and what you need to change.

Please read the Care and support needs assessment - guide for more information before arranging a care and support needs assessment.

Do it by phone

adultsocialcare@lambeth.gov.uk020 7926 5555 Lambeth Adult Social Care Services

Ask to speak to an assessor who will be able to arrange the assessment for you.

Costs for this service

Do I need to pay for an assessment?

There is no charge for a care and support needs assessment.

The assessment is free along with all the information and advice we provide. However, you may need to pay towards the costs of the services we recommend to you.

We do provide a personal budget if you meet the eligibility, to spend on things that will help you to carry on caring.

There are also some voluntary organisations that provide help for carer’s and some of the services they provide are free of charge.

What you need to know...

We receive requests for assessments from a large number of people.

We give priority to those people in most urgent need.

  • we will acknowledge your request for an assessment within 5 working days of receiving the request
  • we will begin your assessment within 30 working days of receiving your request
  • if it is likely that you will have to wait more than a further four weeks for the start of an assessment, a full explanation of the reasons for the delay will be given

The time taken to complete an assessment will vary depending on your situation and the complexity of the help you need.

For further information please read the Care-and-support-needs assessment guide.