Knight’s Hill By-Election 2024

The Knights By-Election took place on Thursday 2 May 2024 to determine the local government Councillor in the Knight’s Hill ward.


Name of candidatePolitical partyVotes
Torla EvansGreen Party983
Janet GayleIndependent210
Emma Louise NyeLabour2677 (elected)
Nicholas James SandersLiberal Democrats378
Leila YaasenConservative 530

Emma Louise Nye (Labour) has been elected as Councillor for Knight's Hill Ward. 

The number of ballot papers rejected: 
(a) Want of an official mark0
(b) Voting for more than one candidate 7
(c) Writing or marks by which the voter could be identified0
(d) Unmarked or void for uncertainty37
Total number of rejected ballot papers:44
Ballot papers received from polling stations4,092
Ballot papers returned by post734
Total number of ballot papers received:4,826
Total eligible electorate:11,830

Download results (PDF, 57KB)