Welcome to the South Metropolitan (West Norwood) Cemetery database.

The Cemetery database holds details of all reused graves in West Norwood Cemetery and has been created following a Consistory Court judgment. Burials which were undisturbed are not listed here but can be found in the normal cemetery registers held in Lambeth Archives and the cemetery office. For further details on the background to this site and the course of action to take if you find that a relative is interred, under the original grant of rights, in a resold plot go to Historical and legal background.

You may use these web sites pages to search the database of resold graves and retrieve information on their original owners, those buried under the original grant of rights, and when they were buried.

For further information on the Cemetery, go to the Friends of West Norwood Cemetery web site.

For further information on burials in the Cemetery and to access complete lists of burials contact Lambeth Archives at archives@lambeth.gov.uk, or go the Lambeth Archives web site for details on opening times.

To find details of a reused grave, enter the name of the deceased below and click on the search icon (you only need to enter a few letters from the name to find matching graves).

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You can search through the full database by name of grave owner.