You might think you know, but here we go

Coronavirus scams

Watch this from Which
Scammers see coronavirus as a chance to add some more dodgy deals to their hustle. ‘Which’ explain how to protect yourself against coronavirus fraud.

Who to call
If you're offered testing kits, protective kit, cures, or delivery and collection services from people or companies you don't know, get advice from the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133. You can also get advice on work related problems, caring issues, benefits and bills problems, housing and shopping issues.

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Some Facts

Coronavirus is a virus like the common cold but can be much worse. It can make breathing hard. Common symptoms are a high fever and a cough

There's no cure, yet, so this is what we’re doing to stop it spreading:

  • Social distancing stay at least 2 metres away from other people outside the home.

  • Quarantine stay away from other people in case you’ve got the virus.

  • Social isolation being on your own, so you don’t catch the virus or give it to other people.

Some common fake news

Eat garlic to avoid infection — healthy, but smelly and won’t protect you.

Drink water every 15 minutes — drinking water good, drinking too much, not so good and won’t flush the virus out.

Eating ice cream — nice, but not ‘coronabusting’.

Get hot, stay hot — Sunbathing and hot baths don’t work, nor does eating chillies and ginger.

Drink silver solution - Weird, pricey and more likely to turn you blue! That last bit is actually true!

Rinsing your nostrils with saline solution — Not nice. Doesn’t work.

Protect yourself by gargling bleach — so dangerous, so stupid.

The World Health Organization has great info on the facts behind these myths:

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Check it before you share it

Be careful what you share. Protect us all from fake news. Check it out first. Use the SHARE Checklist and don't feed the beast.

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Conspiracy theories out there now

5G and coronavirus "I've heard it's not a serious ‘virus’, it's a perfect plan to cover up 5G related illnesses."

“Covid-19 was created in a lab and let out by XXXXXXX.” Add your chosen country here.

“Covid-19 Arrived From Space”. The aliens did it!

You might have heard some of these and want to know why there out there. Infotagion is an expert fact-checking service using reliable information.

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and Ofcom has its 'Making Sense of Media' page:

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DM myths, theories and questions to Lambeth Made at Instagram or Twitter.

Coronavirus information in many languages

Doctors of the World have shared coronavirus advice in 51 languages, in partnership with the British Red Cross, Migrant Help and Clear Voice.

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Coronavirus information for college and university students

Stay on top of information and read the Office for Students guide to coronavirus