Schools and colleges - when will you go back?


  • From 15 June, secondary schools are going to invite year 10 and 12 pupils back to school for direct support from teachers. Most of the learning will still be done at home though.
  • Only a quarter the year 10 and year 12 learners will be at school at any time. All other years will not be going into school yet.
  • People who are already going in should carry on.


  • From 15 June, FE colleges, sixth form colleges, and other post-16 providers will also offer more learners direct support.
  • If you are aged between 16 and 19 and you’re in the first year, you should be given some direct contact to support your remote learning.
  • Like schools, only a quarter of first year learners will be at college at any time. Also, if you are already going into college, you should carry on.

Government advice written for young people by young people

This is the government's advice rewritten by NHS England Youth Forum and #iwill Ambassadors. They hope this new official guidance has:

  • more detail and clearer language
  • information on what to do if you are unsafe at home
  • advice about travelling and outdoor exercise
  • information on how to access health care and sexual & mental health
  • news about support for young carers

This advice will change over time. Keep checking back.

Safe from harm

Does coronavirus lockdown make you more at risk of abuse? Are you stuck at home with someone you can usually get a break from?

If you, or someone else is in danger right now, call the police on 999 and tell them what's happening.

- NSPCC’s phone line is also free on 0808 800 5000. You can also contact them on the NSPCC website. - Women and girls experiencing abuse can call National Domestic Abuse Helpline 24/7 for help on 0808 2000 247. - We also have info on this website on violence against women and girls if you’re confused.

The Hideout
Are you unsure whether domestic violence is happening in your family? Answer a few questions. Get some answers.

Avoid risks

Only go outside to shop for food or to exercise. Not only for your health, but to stay out of trouble.

  • If people are pushing you into taking risks, if you’re under pressure to break the law, if you're being threatened or you’ve been hurt, call Lambeth's Community Early Help on 020 7926 9079, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. They can give advice.
  • If you’ve been arrested, charged or you’re in custody you can call Juvenis for help on 07590 670090 or email If you think you’ve been victimised by the police, ask for the name and badge number of the police officer. Find out more about Juvenis
  • Lambeth Victim Support can help if you’ve been a victim of crime. Call 0808 168 9291. Find out more about Lambeth Victim Support.

- If you’re worried about anyone who may be involved in terrorism, you can call 020 7926 7025 or email If you’re not sure how to spot the signs of terrorism then the Let’s Talk About website may help

Money and food

If you're worried about money, maybe you're not getting paid because of the lockdown, this is a good starting place.

The Lambeth Larder helps connect people to emergency food and other support. They have a list of organisations in Lambeth supplying cheap or free food and meals.

Coronavirus and money: An expert financial guide from MyBnk - The Mix have teamed up with MyBnk to answer questions about money, work, housing and more

Your views

Listen to the podcast mini-series 'Burning the Village'. Young people tell their own story of growing up in London and dealing with knife crime, food poverty, zero hour contracts and more. Listen to episode one, two and three, then comment on SoundCloud or email to give your views.