Make a liability claim against the council

If you are making a claim it will be necessary for you to prove in civil law that the council has been negligent and/​or breached its statutory duty.

If you wish to make an insurance claim against the council you first need to complete an incident report form.

Please read the Liability claims against Lambeth Council - guidance before completing the incident report form.

Incident Report Form

If there is a personal injury claim, please ensure to fill out the medial mandate form, this is mandatory.

Medical Mandate Form

Complete by post

Download and complete to make a claim by post.

What you need to know

You should provide evidence to support your claim (such as documents or photographs) with your incident report form.

We will acknowledge receipt of your completed and signed incident report form within 10 working days. At this point, we would like to inform you that some claims may be handled 'in-house' by our team, while others may be handled by claims handlers acting on our behalf, such as insurers or other external parties.

We will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the handling of your claim, so you are always aware of the process. 

If you are claiming for a personal injury, the council has 40 working days to investigate your claim and reach a decision on liability. When we receive your claim form you will be sent an acknowledgement letter confirming receipt of your claim.

You should receive another letter within 40 working days of the acknowledgement of your claim informing you whether the claim has been accepted or denied. If your claim is in relation to property damage them the council will give a decision on your claim within a reasonable timescale, usually 90 days.

If your claim is for damaged property, please keep the damaged items as they may need to be inspected and provide photographs where applicable in support of your claim. 

Once our investigations are complete, we will either accept or refuse your claim on the basis of legal liability.

Next steps

If you are not satisfied with your claim because we have refused to compensate you for your losses you are entitled to seek independent legal advice.

However before you do so we strongly recommend you read our unhappy with the outcome of your claim leaflet. The leaflet will help you decide what to do next.