Report a potential fraud

The different types of fraud and how to report them.

If you suspect fraud is being committed in Lambeth please report it to us. We are committed to protecting the public funds which have been entrusted to us.

Report fraud

Fraud referral form

Types of fraud

There are different kinds of fraud - try and tell us which kind it is when you're reporting. If you are unsure, please report it anyway.

Tenancy fraud

These are the different kinds of tenancy fraud:

  • Subletting - A tenant leaves their property and rents it out to someone else without telling us.
  • Succession - This is when a tenant dies and another person asks us if they can take over (succeed) the tenancy. To take over the tenancy this person should have been resident in the property for at least 12 months. For instance, if a tenant passes away on 31 October 2014, the person who wants to succeed should have been resident in the property since at least 1 November 2013. Succession fraud happens when someone who is not entitled tries to take over the tenancy.
  • Fraudulent tenancy - Where someone who is not eligible gains tenancy. For example, a person gets a tenancy when they already have a secure accommodation elsewhere, or own another property.
  • There are other types of tenancy fraud, such as a tenant deciding not to live in their tenanted property, leaving it empty and failing to notify the landlord.

Council Tax Support fraud

Council Tax Support means people on a limited income having to pay less Council Tax.

Fraud happens when people on Council Tax do not declare information that may change this. For example:

  • a partner or other adult living in their property
  • starting work or getting more income
  • moving out of their home
  • owning another property or having significant savings
  • becoming a student.

Benefit fraud

There are two ways to commit benefit fraud:

  • intentionally not reporting a change in your circumstances
  • being dishonest in order to get benefits.

Benefit fraud must be reported to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Other kinds of fraud

This can be any other fraud committed against Lambeth Council, such as:

  • fraud or corruption committed by someone employed by the Council or a contractor working for us
  • procurement fraud
  • fraud committed by a person receiving payments to support a disabled relative.