Insurance claims

Details of insurance claims (public liability, employers liability and motor claims) and payments. 


How to search for data

Use the filter arrows at the top of each column to search for the information you require.

Column headings

  • Policy description: policy which the claim is covered by
  • Department name: department in which claim occurred
  • Directorate name: directorate in which claim occurred
  • Incident year: year in which incident occurred
  • Notification year: year in which the council was notified of the incident
  • Cause description: cause of claim
  • Damage description: description of material damage that occurred
  • Status flag: status of the claim
  • Status date year: year of status description
  • Total claim: total cost of claim (all payments and outstanding reserve)
  • Payments: payments made (including damage, injury, third party costs)
  • Internal paid: compensation paid by Lambeth which falls below the excess of £500,000
  • Damage paid: compensation for damaged personal items
  • Injury paid: compensation for injury
  • TP costs paid: third party costs (solicitors fees etc)


  • LBL: London Borough of Lambeth
  • TP: Third Party
  • EMB: Estate Management Board
  • TMO: Tenant Management Organisation
  • EOW: Escape of Water
  • Cway: Carriageway

Children’s homes redress scheme

Listings of individual settlements and costs for the Lambeth children’s homes redress scheme.