Paying for care in a care home

Use this guide to help you calculate the cost of your care, or someone else’s, in a care home. Find information on the Personal Expenses Allowance and deferred payments.

Staying at expensive care homes

If you're eligible for financial assistance from us but wish to stay in a care home that charges more than our rates, you may wish to discuss top-up fees with the Adult Social Care Brokerage Service.

If you have a friend or relative that wishes to pay an additional contribution to cover the cost of a more expensive care home, they may be able to make third party top-ups to cover this difference.

However, there is no obligation for them to do so and if the third party top-up fees stop, you will have to move to a care home that is within our rate.

Any alternative care homes that you wish to stay in must meet the needs identified in your needs assessment.

We may ask for evidence that the third party can sufficiently cover the cost of the top-up fees for the planned duration of your care.

Download and read our guidance document about third party top-ups (PDF 200KB).