Travel and transport

Use this guide to help you find information and support when travelling and using public transport if you are disabled or find it difficult to get around.

Door-to-door transport

Some people find it difficult to use public transport due to their disability or mobility problems.

Taxicard scheme

The Taxicard scheme gives residents with serious, permanent mobility problems, and those who are severely sight impaired, subsidised rides in licensed black taxis and private hire vehicles.

Taxicard users can travel anywhere within London at any time and every day.

Apply for a Taxicard

Dial-a-Ride service

If you're disabled and can't use public transport, try Dial-a-Ride for:

  • a door-to-door service.
  • a free-to-join service
  • shopping, visiting friends and family, and travelling to activities.

Visit the Dial-a-Ride web page

Helping a disabled or elderly neighbour with lifts

If your neighbour needs help with shopping or needs a lift, you could discuss online shopping with them and offer to assist with this.

Support may be available from the voluntary sector such as Age UK Lambeth,. There may be a charge for this though.

If you charge your neighbour for a lift in your car, you may be providing a taxi service illegally and be in breach of your insurance.