A description of the population of Lambeth, where they live and the areas they live in.

Lambeth is a diverse and densely populated borough of South East London, with neighbouring boroughs of Southwark, Croydon, Bromley, Merton and Wandsworth. To the North East, the borough is bounded by the River Thames.

The Borough of Lambeth extends over an area of 27.25 km2, with the 2022 resident population estimated at 318,000 people (GLA 2020 projections). Lambeth is the 7th most densely populated borough in London (excluding the City of London).

The population is subject to significant annual turnover, with the sum of people leaving and those arriving equating to nearly 16% of the population in any one year.

Lambeth’s population is highly diverse, a characteristic visible in the breadth of ethnic and cultural traditions seen through the length of the borough. 63% of residents describe their ethnicity as other than White British.

A large proportion (41%) of Lambeth’s residents are young adults, aged 20-39 years. Correspondingly, there is a relatively small proportion (15% of the population) of adults aged 60 years and over.

Lambeth JSNA materials

In 2022, Lambeth produced a health profile of the borough. Section 1 describes the population of the borough and how and why it may change over time. 

View the Health Profile for Lambeth 2022 - Section 1 (PDF 3.1MB)