Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment - PNA

The PNA identifies the current and future need for pharmaceutical services within a specific area.

Lambeth's PNA provides:

  • a statement of pharmaceutical services currently provided, together with when and where these are available
  • details of planned or likely changes which may affect the future provision of pharmaceutical services
  • details of any current or future gaps in pharmaceutical services, considering the needs of the population

The PNA was developed through a multiagency steering group and engagement with key stakeholders; different points of view are required to inform the PNA. 

Expert advice from Lambeth Council and Lambeth CCG communication and engagement teams helped the steering group contact residents of Lambeth using an online survey to collect their opinions. This is incorporated into the main body of the PNA.  

The opinions of health and social care professionals within Lambeth Council, Lambeth CCG, Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) and NHS England were also collected and incorporated into the PNA.

Before publication, a formal 60-day consultation evaluated the assessment and conclusions in the PNA which was then approved by the Health and Wellbeing Board. 

    How the PNA is used

    The PNA will be used by NHS England to consider applications to open a new pharmacy, move an existing pharmacy or commission additional services from a pharmacy.

    Service commissioners will use it to inform local commissioning strategy within Lambeth.

    Pharmaceutical services contractors may use it as a reference source when they want to change the services they provide or identify opportunities in new areas.

    Lambeth PNA 2022

    View the Lambeth Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment - 2022 (PDF 10MB)